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Gratitude grows your business
Junk mail doesn’t.

Give your contacts something
each month that

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Trusted by Industry Leaders

Builds Your Referral-Based Business

96% of my business comes from referrals, making my relationships my most valuable (and cherished) asset. I use Gift2Grow every month to stay connected with them and show them my appreciation.

Allie Fuller
Real Estate Agent

Guaranteed Increase In Contact Interaction

quoteLast month I received 15 replies just a few hours after sending my Gift2Grow email. This has never happened before!”

Susie Hunt Moran
Real Estate Agent

Beautifully Easy to Use

quoteI never believed I would have the time or ability to promote my business until I found Gift2Grow.”

Christie Diershaw
CD Bookkeeping

How It Works

1Each month send gift offers via email, postcards & social

Gift2Grow’s marketing platform is fast, easy, and effective: five minutes a month sends every one of your contacts a personal message containing a real item of value: something local, experiential, and fun. Simply sign in, write a short message and send! Try it risk-free


2We Partner with local businesses. Everyone Wins

Everyone wins! We partner with Portland’s best service and experience businesses to provide our members with fun and valuable gift offers to send to their contacts each month. These businesses support you by providing their offers, and you help them when you send your materials to your contacts!

Grow your business in a fulfilling way. Try it risk-free

3Your customers are engaged and feel appreciated

Like all of us, your clients and contacts are constantly bombarded with noise and junk mail. Set yourself apart by sending them something they can’t get anywhere else. They will appreciate you for giving them something that is interesting, saves them money, and helps them support their community. Try it risk-free

Simple Pricing

Start using it for FREE. Friendly help if you need it.

# Email
12-month Investment,
Paid Semi-Annually
12-month Investment,
Paid Annually
20% Savings
0 – 500 $1,699 $1,359 $340
501 – 2500 $4,299 $3,439 $860
2501 – 4500 $6,199 $4,959 $1,240
4501+ Contact Us Contact Us
*Sold as a 12-month system
*Paid annually or every 6 months
*Save 20% by paying annually
*Paying annually locks your pricing in for 24 months
*No month-to-month options
  • 15 Minute Initial Setup

  • $10-$60 Item of Value Included

  • Email Template

  • Branded & Personalized
  • 5 Minutes Per Month
  • 24-7 Access

  • Social Media Template

  • Friendly Assistance If Needed
  • Content Provided

  • Customizable Message

  • Post Card Template
  • Printed and Mailed in 36 hrs

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Gift2Grow a cost-effective tool?

Gift2Grow allows you to be efficient with your dollars and your valuable time. With Gift2Grow, you pay as little as $.11 per contact touch, in only 5 minutes a month total. When you add up the time and cost  it would take you to write your own email content, make phone calls, meet in person, or personally message your contacts, it could cost hundreds or thousands of dollars in hard costs and your valuable time.

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How many contacts can I send to each month?

As few or as many as you like. We typically recommend sending to lists no smaller than 250 recipients.

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How often can I send a Gift2Grow?

We provide an offer for a new featured company every month, so you should send your Gift2Grow every month!

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